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Nathan Allison

Heather Amgwert

Anonymous (we love our anonymous donors)

Janet Bargewell

Darla N Barton

Bruce Brown

Howard and Jan Burger

Felecienne Calderon-Coonrod

Abby Charles

Steve and Marian Charles

Victoria Deakin

Edward Gagnon

Leslie Glasgow

Cody Henry

Kayla Jeffress

Angela Kakaruk

Leo Lashock

Virginia Lawton

Shawn & Paula Monroe

Philip Munger

Marcus & Alissa Oder

PayPal Giving Fund

Linda S Phillips

Mary Seutter

Doug Sheaffer

Roseanne Stauffer

Carlos Suarez-Cabal

Miguel Suarez-Cabal

Patricia Sullivan

James Sykes

Lynda & Jeffrey Toresdahl

Clint & Carol Vardeman

Jill Warner

Janice & David Williams

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($200 donation)

Amazon Smile Foundation


Linley & Sheryl Barnes

Dennis & Mary Brodigan

Keith & Bev Earley

Zaz Hollander

U.U. Johnson

Valley Business Machines

Jeanne Bonar

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($500 donation)

Anonymous - In memory of Sarah Glaves

David & Marzieh Fink

Gene & Priscilla Horner

Paul & Karen Ladegard

Myra Lanthier

Fred Meyer Community Rewards

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($750 donation)

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($1000 donation)

Matanuska Music

Starbucks of Wasilla

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($7,500 - $10,000 donation)

MEA Charitable Foundation - Operation Round-Up

Rasmuson Foundation

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